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“Even Ruby – Hoshen Stones” are semi-precious gems with protective powers.

“Even Ruby- Hoshen Stones” proffers a wide range of gems from Jewish sources. Many powers are attributed to these stones; they stimulate prosperity, success, abundance, good luck, and health and serve as a protection against the evil eye.

Specific powers are kabalistically attributed to each gem.

This website features a vast array of designs, that grant each gem a unique look and appearance.

The website also provides a detailed description of each and every stone, its source, characteristics and special powers.

In addition, we accept personal requests and special orders.

We design our products with love, all the while adhering to the kabalistic sources of the gem and  preserving their characteristics and powers.

Visit our site and be swept into a powerful world of charms and special powers.

The staff of “Even Ruby – Hoshen Gems” is happy and ready to service you at all times.

The Designer- Yaffa Greenzeig:

I started with people bringing me ideas for designs they wanted to have made and I enjoyed the challenge of bringing their ideas to life. Through lots of practice, I’ve become quite skilled at making beautiful designs, according to the taste of the customer and I’ve decided to share them with you. Materials include: Precious stones, crystals, pearls, sterling silver, gold-filled, gold plated, leather. I design amulets, and have a Rabbi who writes and blesses the amulet, with blessings according to the person’s request from the Kabbalah.

All of my jewelry is hand made with many hours of thought, attention, design, effort, and love is put in to each piece with each customer in mind. I have many sets of earrings, bracelets and necklaces that complement each other. Every stone, pearl and material has energy that effects its wearer and we like to match the stones energy to the person’s needs.  Not only the stone, but even each color has its own vibrations and ability to affect our mood and I like to work with birthstones and the breastplate stones, using colors according to the month of birth and the High Priests in the Temple. I invite you to share what colors you like, what your birthstone is and what you are looking to feel for the day.

Everything you find here is according to what is written in Kabbalah.