Hoshen Gems , precious stones, Jewish stones:

The High Priest was the only person who wore the Hoshen breastplate. This breastplate was adorned with twelve gems, each one corresponding to one of the twelve tribes of the Jewish Nation. Each tribe had its own color and characteristics. As mentioned in kabalistic works, the color of the gem was designated according to the interior world of each tribe… Read more

Generations of sages have attributed spiritual powers and influences to semi-precious stones. Rabbeinu Bachya stated (Exodus 28) , ‘There is no precious gem that does not draw powers from the upper spheres’. This power is discussed in the Medrash (Bereishit Rabba 14) which states that ‘when rain falls everything is blessed…even the precious stones receive powers from…Read more 

The path to opening a new business is often difficult, and takes time, thought and energy. The new business goes through ups and downs on its journey.A set of Hoshen Gems set into a wall hanging with the Blessing for the Business (Birkat HaEsek) will help your business succeed.You can display a wall hanging set with the 12 Hoshen Gems…Read more


Amulets from the Kabbalah, Pregnancy charm, Ideal for an easy birth:

Strengthen Pregnancies and  Prevent Miscarriage, The ruby stone is sourced in the twelve tribes and is attributed to the Tribe of Reuben (Reuben-Ruby). His mother, the Matriarch Leah, sent Reuben to the field to pick red mandrakes. She planned on ingesting them to help her become pregnant.Kabalistic sources state that a woman who wishes to become pregnant…Read more

Sometimes a longed-for pregnancy is accompanied with unwanted complications.Kabalistic works maintain that this world is the world of action; actions in this world can draw power from the upper realms.Both the ruby gemstone and the carnelian are noted for their ability to preserve pregnancies and facilitate fertility.How? Why? Not everything is revealed to us…Read more

The fish appears in many amulets and in many Jewish motifs. Fish live in the depths of the sea, invisible to the eye, and therefore impervious to the evil eye. People don’t see the fish, don’t make ‘eyes’ on it, as it states in the sources, ‘blessing reigns on something that is concealed from the eye’.The eyes of the fish remain open as they swim in the sea. This…Read more

Is there anyone who does not own an object with sentimental value?! An object that calms, provides feelings of security during times of happiness or crisis? Perhaps a picture with attached childhood memories, a wedding ring more valuable than its monetary worth, or presents received from one’s children? The spiritual power embedded in these personal possessions..Read more

May You (G-d) keep us from needing human gifts …Everyone hopes to have an abundant livelihood and to perceive blessing in his toil. Kabalistic works state that the amount of money that a person earns is irrelevant, blessing can rest in the good fortune in his home and the way his money is utilized. The Cat’s Eye portends blessing and livelihood. Carrying this stone..Read more


Against the evil eye:

Throughout the generations, people believed in the concept of the evil eye and used various means to protect themselves from its influence.There are Biblical sources for the evil eye. Jacob blessed his son Joseph with the phrase “Ben Porat Yosef Ben Porat Alei Ayin” – ‘A charming son is Joseph, a charming son to the eye’. (Genesis, 49; 22)Joseph was beautiful..Read more

As the concept of “Kabbalah” has gained prominence in many cultures worldwide, Kabalistic jewelry has become increasingly popular. Celebrities, such as Madonna, Ashton Kutcher and many others, have  embraced this esoteric study and wear kabbalah jewelry. Ancient Torah has become attractive and, in various ways, fashionable and intriguing.One does not..Read more

Snakeskin – A person who carries snakeskin in his pocket will encounter good fortune and prosperity in finances and business.The gemara states: One who sees a snake in his dream is assured abundant livelihood.How can a person make sure to dream about a snake? Kabbalah suggests that a person carry  snakeskin with him. The ever-presence of the snakeskin...Read more

Horses are a world upon themselves. They symbolize freedom, spaciousness and open fields…“Even Ruby – Hoshen Gems” offers genuine  sea horses. Hang the sea horse at home or work to create a liberating, calm atmosphere for everyone around.

This incantation is found in kabalistic works:

משביע אני עלים כל מין עינא בישא עינא אוכמא עינא צרוב’ עינא תכלתא עינא ירוקא עינא ארוכא עינא קצרה עינא רחבה עינא צרה עינא ישרה עינא עינא עקימא עינא עגולא עינא שוקעת עינא בולטת עינא רואה עינא מבטה עינא בוקעת עינא שואבת עינא דדכורא עינא דנקובא עינא דאי ואשתו עין דאשה וקרובת’ עין דבחור עין דזקן עין דבתולה עין ….Read more