Hoshen Gems – Good Luck Charms

The High Priest was the only person who wore the Hoshen breastplate. This breastplate was adorned with twelve gems, each one corresponding to one of the twelve tribes of the Jewish Nation. Each tribe had its own color and characteristics. As mentioned in kabalistic works, the color of the gem was designated according to the interior world of each tribe. The Gaon of Vilna stated that a person is a miniature world within the world at large, and a preference for a specific color indicates a lack of this color in the person’s blood.

What is the source of these stones? They are all taken directly from nature.

Hoshen Gems – Good Luck Charms. These twelve gems which were set into the priestly breastplate can be categorized as ‘Mazal U’Beracha’ (good luck and blessing).

Mazal U’Beracha! These  two ancient words are still used in the diamond trade when a deal is closed.  Even if the deal has not yet been signed, the words ‘mazal u’beracha’, passed down from generation to generation, affirm that the deal has been concluded.

The connection between the Jewish Nation and the Hoshen Gems are recorded in our written history. Carnelian/ruby, topaz, emerald, turquoise, lapis lazuli, quartz, jacinth,  agate, amethyst, chrysolite,  onyx and jasper all twinkled in the breastplate of the High Priest.

12 different colored gems in the Hoshen – one for each of the 12 tribes.

Tradition tells us that these gems were set in three rows, with four stones in each row. Each color symbolizes hope. The wondrous balance between all of the gemstones in the Hoshen showers open us good fortune in family life and business; distances us from sorcery, foes and the evil eye; and beckons light and good into our environment. It allows us to draw good fortune, love between man and wife, prosperity, and success in business and employment.

The balance between the light and dark colors promotes happiness in one’s worldly portion and hope for continued good and light in the world. Every tribe has their unique specialty and characteristics. When they gather together with all of their colors, powers, and hues, then blessing showers upon them. The same is true of a family; every one of our children has a ‘different color’ and ‘different shade’. But when the whole family gathers together, as one person with one heart, then blessing reigns.

How are these gems utilized? First they must be prepared for use. Each gem contains positive energy charges. However, as it used or passed from hand to hand, it also accumulates negative energies. This is similar to the electric charges in our bodies which many people use. In order to cleanse the stone and return it to its original state, it must be immersed in pure waters and dried in the sun. The sun is an energy source with curative powers, as the prophet Malachi stated (3:20) ‘the sun of righteousness will shine for you…with healing it its rays’.

It is not the stone that has the power in-and-of-itself. It is merely an intermediary. Every problem that a person encounters is essentially a Divine signal that he must draw closer to his Creator. A precondition for beginning ‘treatment’ with gemstones is strengthening one’s belief that only the Creator is Omnipotent. Then, one must make one small spiritual commitment that can be upheld diligently. Only after this process can “Even Ruby – Hoshen Gems” start dealing with the issue.

These stones can be worn in jewelry. They can be hung on a silver chain on the chest so that the light of the gemstones shines and flows in one’s arteries.


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