Kabbalah Jewelry for Men and Woman

As the concept of “Kabbalah” has gained prominence in many cultures worldwide, Kabalistic jewelry has become increasingly popular. Celebrities, such as Madonna, Ashton Kutcher and many others, have  embraced this esoteric study and wear kabbalah jewelry. Ancient Torah has become attractive and, in various ways, fashionable and intriguing.

One does not need to be a great kabalist in order to appreciate the aesthetic, kabalistic appeal of kabbalah jewelry. These kabalistic pieces are available in a variety of attractive designs, formed from various metals, and integrated with kabalistic symbols and elements. These elements are generally combinations of letters that together have symbolic meanings or symbols from kabbalah such as the Tree of Life and the Magen David. Kabbalah ornaments are often made from alloys of five metals – gold, silver, tin, copper and lead. According to Maimonides, this combination positively impacts the life of its wearer.

The Jewish worldview considers Kabbalah a G-dly subject containing many secrets and allusions that is passed down from generation to generation.

Though the source of the tradition is unclear, many people wear a simple red string on their hand. This custom has gained popularity in recent years.

Is this string kabalistic jewelry? Since many people who believe in kabbalah wear it, we can assume that it is.

Pendants with Kabalistic Letter Combinations

Thin chains with combinations of Hebrew letters are popular. The letters אלד indicate protection from the evil eye, and סאל alludes to abundance and prosperity.

Many of our customers, religious and non-religious, have requested jewelry with the twelve Hoshen gems, known for bearing good fortune. After further research in the literature written by Jewish sages and a study of these gems, we uncovered a vast world of information regarding the tremendous power  and impact of these stones.

We have, therefore, created kabalistic jewelry for males and females that are set with the 12 Hoshen gems that were worn on the breastplate of the High Priest. They are often used together with amulets of pure, 925 silver which protect their wearers from demons, and guards them and their health.

These jewels are available as either pendants or keychains for men or as powerful necklaces for women, with stones selected for our customers’ specific needs.


bracelet against the evil eye          against the evil eye