Protection from the evil eye

Throughout the generations, people believed in the concept of the evil eye and used various means to protect themselves from its influence.

There are Biblical sources for the evil eye. Jacob blessed his son Joseph with the phrase “Ben Porat Yosef Ben Porat Alei Ayin” – ‘A charming son is Joseph, a charming son to the eye’. (Genesis, 49; 22)

Joseph was beautiful, and this beauty necessitated a blessing that would nullify the evil eye. Today, the expression ‘Ben Porat Yosef’ is used as a talisman against the evil eye. It is often inserted in place of the name of a person who one wishes to praise, thereby protecting him from the evil eye.

According to Jewish tradition, Joseph was protected from the evil eye  – the jealousy of other people. Therefore, the blessing that he received from his father is perceived as a protection against the evil eye. The Talmud is the source for the utilization of this ancient blessing against the evil eye. As mentioned, Joseph was a very righteous person who withstood the lures of Potifar’s wife. The Talmud discusses Joseph’s righteousness in a number of places, and makes the connection between the phrase ‘ben porat yosef alei ayin’ and the ‘evil eye’ to which Joseph was impervious.

Sara the Matriarch activated the evil eye against Hagar, her concubine, causing her to lose her first child in utero.

There are those who state that a jealous look is not only unpleasant, but a potential danger.

What is the evil eye? The evil eye is essentially negative energy. When a person looks at another person with jealousy, he creates an evil eye that can harm that person.

Seventy percent of the world’s population believe in the power of the evil eye. According to their opinion, there are three ways of activating the evil eye: by looking at someone, talking about them or thinking about them. The evil eye does exist, but not all evil that befalls a person is a result of the evil eye, especially in regards to a  Jewish, religious person. A Jewish person can change reality through his prayers. Someone who believes in the evil eye can be influenced by it, but non-believers are impervious to its impact.

The Bible utilizes the phrase ‘evil of eye’ when discussing selfish people. The opposite is also true, ‘good of eye’ refers to people who enjoy helping others.

A person’s point of view influences his reality. When he looks for positive thoughts and intent, he creates a good eye for himself and his life will be happier and more positive. In contrast, concentrating on negative aspects will adversely influence a person like the evil eye.

In the heavens, a  person is generally judged favorably. However, when a person is jealous of someone else’s achievements and questions his worthiness of these positive elements, he can cause a retrial and cause harm to the second person. If a person uses his positive traits and the blessings that he receives to help others, he becomes impervious to the evil eye.

G-d relates to this world with two opposing characteristics: judgment and mercy. He utilizes judgment to reap reward and punishment for human actions, and utilizes mercy to stave off the judgment in the hope that the person will repent. The Jewish sages state that the evil eye has the power to activate the punishments that hover over the person. Of course, it is not the evil eye that causes the punishment; it is the sin itself. The Creator is the one who runs the world and designates reward and punishment, not jealous people.

Many people are careful not to brag about their successes and good fortune because they believe that prominence will expose them to the evil eye. This behavior is recommended. One does not want to provoke jealousy in other people, which may cause them wish that we lose all that we have.

A person is a social creature. Despite the fact that he has his own soul and characteristics, he can be activated by society, opening himself up to the influences of the evil eye. A person who is self-aware and understands his obligation to fulfill his personal role in this world, will not be influenced by the evil eye.

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