Designer Jewelry

Abalone Shell Necklace in Shades of Brown

Bracelet designed with natural shells
Price: $91 More info

Designer Abalone Shell Necklace

Abalone shell necklace in shades of gray with Swarovski crystals
Price: $82 More info

Abalone Pendant

Natural abalone shell pendant
Price: $66 More info

Abalone Necklace to Fortify the Body and Improve One’s Health

Natural abalone shell necklace
Price: $72 More info

Natural Abalone Bracelet

Abalone bracelet designed with gemstones that strengthen the body
Price: $92 More info

Natural Pearl

Natural pearls in shades of pink
Price: $99 More info

Colored Pearl

Necklace of flat pearls in hues of pink and purple
Price: $ necklace: 119 earrings: 56 More info

Mother of Pearl

Set: Necklace + earrings with genuine mother of pearl from natural shell,
Price: $99 More info

Gold Plated Pearl Necklace

Gold plated necklace + Genuine Pearls
Price: $91 More info

Blue Abalone

Blue abalone necklace with crystals
Price: $119 More info

Colored Pearls

Designer necklace with genuine pearls
Price: $99 More info

Heart Bracelet that Wards Off the Evil Eye

Flat heart bracelet with genuine pearls
Price: $178 More info

Lengthy Necklace – Sunrise

Lengthy Necklace – Sunrise
Price: $119 More info