Kabbalah and Charms

Talisman with Amulet to Find Soulmate

Pendant for Finding Your Soul-mate and Success in Relationships
Price: $65 More info

Amulet for Protection and Preservation Against the Evil Eye

Letter, “Hay,” Amulet and stones for protection and safe guarding
Price: $79 More info

Talisman (Segula) Mezuza For Protecting Your Car

Blessing to Protect the Driver and Passengers.
Price: $67 More info

Talisman Maccabee Virtue Sterling silver 925

Against the Evil Eye.
Price: $107 More info

Talisman (Segula) Amulet for Livelihood

Prosperity in business and livelihood
Price: $94 More info

Talisman (Segula) Wall hanging For Business: Hamsa

Blessing For Business with Hamsa
Price: $74 More info

Blessing For Business: Menorah and Key

Blessing for Business with Menorah and Key
Price: $65 More info

Framed Wall Hanging Talisman for a Blessing on Your Home

Home Blessing image and key for Livelihood.
Price: $64 More info

Framed Wall Hanging Talisman for a Blessing in Business

Blessing for your business and key for livelihood.
Price: $72 More info

Real parchment – safe pregnancy

Amulet for a Safe Pregnancy
Price: $89 More info

Amulet pendant in form of the Western Wall

Amulet from the Kabbalah with the Jewish letters "Hei" and "Alef" for protection
Price: $35 More info

Hamsa Talisman for Victory in Judgment

Fine silver pendant, shaped like a Hamsa, with a kabalistic stone.
Price: $62 More info

Business Prosperity

Kabalistic stones, snakeskin and a fine silver amulet with the letters הא.
Price: $209 More info

Kit for Victory in Judgment

Kabalistic gems, snakeskin, sterling silver Hamsa.
Price: $149 More info

Genuine Snakeskin Talisman for Prosperity

Carrying Snakeskin in One's Pocket is a Talisman for Prosperity
Price: $116 More info

Hoshen Gems on a Silver Necklace

12 Hoshen Gems on a Fine Silver Necklace
Price: $65 More info

Bottle with 12 Hoshen Gems for Car

12 Hoshen Gems for protection during travel
Price: $15 More info

Agate Pendant: Protection against the Evil Eye

Agate pendant for health and good fortune
Price: $78 More info

The Prosperity Pendant – Cat’s Eye Chrysoberyl

Cat's Eye Prosperity Pendant
Price: $127 More info

Charm for Fertility, Easy Labor and Preservation of Pregnancy

Kabalistic gem kit + silver amulet for an easy birth
Price: $155 More info

Cat’s Eye Mounted on Card

Cat's Eye for Prosperity and Abundance
Price: $77 More info