Silver Amulets and Energy Stones

Keychain : Employment and Victory in Court

Kabalistic keychain for finding employment and victory in court
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Keychain : Wards off the Evil Eye

Kabalistic keychain that wards off the evil eye and evil spirits; and introduces good fortune
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Keychain : Pain Reduction and Body Strengthening

Kabalistic keychain that reduces pain and strengthens one's body
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Keychain : Happiness, Good Fortune and Good Feelings

Kabalistic keychain for happiness and good fortune
Price: $56 More info

Keychain :Love and Marital Harmony

Kabalistic keychain for love and marital harmony
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Keychain : Health and Strong Body

Kabalistic keychain for good health and fortifying the body
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Keychain: Prosperity and Business Success

Kabalistic keychain for success in business, wealth and good fortune
Price: $89 More info