kabbalah and charms

Real parchment – safe pregnancy

Amulet for a Safe Pregnancy
Price: $89 More info

Amulet with Parashat Ketoret

Amulet for protection
Price: $139 More info

Abalone Pendant

Natural abalone shell pendant
Price: $66 More info

Hoshen Gems on a Silver Necklace

12 Hoshen Gems on a Fine Silver Necklace
Price: $65 More info

Bottle with 12 Hoshen Gems for Car

12 Hoshen Gems for protection during travel
Price: $15 More info

Agate Pendant: Protection against the Evil Eye

Agate pendant for health and good fortune
Price: $78 More info

Keychain : Employment and Victory in Court

Kabalistic keychain for finding employment and victory in court
Price: $64 More info

Charm for Fertility, Easy Labor and Preservation of Pregnancy

Kabalistic gem kit + silver amulet for an easy birth
Price: $155 More info

Keychain : Health and Strong Body

Kabalistic keychain for good health and fortifying the body
Price: $56 More info

Keychain: Prosperity and Business Success

Kabalistic keychain for success in business, wealth and good fortune
Price: $89 More info