luck stones

Amulet prayers for salvation

Amulet for every salvation
Price: $91 More info

Hoshen Gems Mounted on Card

12 small Hoshen Gems mounted on a special card
Price: $42 More info

Bottle with 12 Hoshen Gems for Car

12 Hoshen Gems for protection during travel
Price: $15 More info

Amulet Protection against the Evil Eye for a New Home

Gemstone that wards off the evil eye.
Price: $98 More info

Hoshen Gems Decorative Wall Hanging

12 shining gemstones in beautiful harmony
Price: $134 More info

Hoshen Gems Wall Hanging Hebrew/English

An eternal gift - kabalistic gemstones portending good fortune
Price: $455 More info

Silver Necklace: Good Health and Lightening One’s Spirit

Kabalistic stones for emotional and physical health.
Price: $92 More info

Silver Necklace : Successful Communication and Self-Esteem

Kabalistic stones for success and self-confidence
Price: $84 More info