Written to Us

The special powers of the gems are discussed in ancient Kabalistic works. We’ve encountered their charms today in everyday life.


Customer Testimonials:

A couple with young children purchased a Cat’s Eye through our website. Their grandmother invited them for a visit, and surprised them by offering to help them pay for the apartment they were looking to buy. Call and tell us your story…..

Another customer bought a Cat’s Eye and Citrine.

Due to financial difficulties, she moved from Beit Shemesh to Jerusalem. She emotionally told us that she earned more in a few months’ time than she had earned over the previous few years. She then bought Cat’s Eyes for her married children.

Another one of our customers who bought a Cat’s Eye recounted her exciting story. She recently received an envelope from the income tax authorities  with a refund that she had despaired of ever receiving. Why did she receive the money the day after she purchased the Cat’s Eye and not the day before…..?

A repeat customer told us that since he started carrying the Cat’s Eye in his pocket he wins on all the lottery tickets he fills out.  “It’s not always big money, but I win something! I want another one in my wallet and in my wife’s wallet”.

A warm recommendation from Shirli 050-819-3335: The staff is amazing. I wish you all continued fruitful work. I appreciate your willingness, forthcomingness, and personal attention… This is the first time I got such service…