Prosperity and Financial Success – Cat’s Eye

May You (G-d) keep us from needing human gifts …Everyone hopes to have an abundant livelihood and to perceive blessing in his toil. Kabalistic works state that the amount of money that a person earns is irrelevant, blessing can rest in the good fortune in his home and the way his money is utilized. The Cat’s Eye portends blessing and livelihood. Carrying this stone in one’s pocket  wards off poverty and ushers in wealth.

Everyone dreams of prosperity, and above all, financial blessing.

Unfortunately, today one often hears people complain that despite their wife’s employment in a government office and their own eight-years’ experience in hi-tech, their overdraft is almost as high as their monthly income.

Kabalistic sources explain that financial blessing is completely disconnected from a person’s income. Even with a low monthly income, a blessed home that does not encounter unexpected expenses will live comfortably on its income. In contrast, without these blessings, a high-earner who faces major expenses, such as medical bills, will be financially stressed.

It can happen that a person will have successful sales an entire day, and then an entire week, but this cash flow doesn’t make a dent in the bank account. Many books have been written about this worrying phenomenon.

The Cat’s Eye is a well-known charm from early kabalistic works. One who carries a Cat’s Eye in his pocket will never encounter poverty and will be blessed with wealth instead.

Many people have shared their personal experiences with us. Sometimes, old debts which they already despaired of having returned, was suddenly given back. Or, they received a letter from social security or the income tax service regarding credits or rebates. Stores that could not sell their merchandise, had streams of customers come to purchase.

The Cat’s Eye lives up to its name. It is green-grey in color, has a line of light along its length and is oval- shaped, reminiscent of a genuine cat’s eye. The Cat’s Eye hangs on a silver necklace or is mounted on a card (business-card size) so that it is easily transportable in one’s wallet – where money is usually stored.

The Cat’s Eye draws money to money. Therefore, the wallet should always hold money (a small amount is sufficient), so that it can serve as a receptacle on which the good fortune can dwell. All credit card holders should also have a Cat’s Eye card. This card should be accompanied with a short prayer requesting blessing in one’s endeavors from the One Who is the Source of all blessings.

The Cat’s Eye’s powers have earned its popularity amongst all factions. Its unique features, the line of light that cuts through its length and its name are reminiscent of a genuine cat’s eye. The Cat’s Eye is available on a business-sized card which fits easily into one’s wallet – and with Hashem’s help, the money will start to flow.


             business kit -pendant-cats-eye-chrysobery    cats eye mounted on card